BOSTON (CBS) — Every Election Day there’s concern from voters about fraud.

Steve from Tewksbury Declared his Curiosity saying he used to live in Illinois where people have to show identification to vote. He wants to know, “Why no ID verification here?”

In Massachusetts there’s no blanket requirement to show some form of identification. However, you can be asked for identification if you’re a first time voter, haven’t voted in several years, or if a poll worker is suspicious that you’re not who you say you are.

“There’s been no allegations of fraud,” said Secretary of State Bill Galvin. “I mean many of the people who run around talking about IDs when you ask them, as I have asked them, ‘Could you tell me of a specific instance?’ They can’t tell you any.”

Galvin says not everyone carries an ID. He specifically cites older people who may have given up their driver’s licenses and he doesn’t want to make voting harder for them.

26 states require you show some form of identification.

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  1. Citizen Kane says:

    not to mention the illegal immigrants, too. Wouldn’t want to make it harder on them, either

  2. Cam Cam says:

    Been wondering about this since I moved here from NY 17 years ago. ID and a signature were required. signed It sounds like a dubious response to me. At the very least, there should be a signature required. In this day and age with all the technology available, it’s ridiculous that I can walk into the polls and give any name and address and vote. All you need is a phone book. Sounds like a recipe for voter fraud.

  3. naysayer says:

    Given the pathetically low levels of real (as opposed to my second cousin’s best friend’s sister’s hairdresser’s husband read on the internet that tens of thousands of dead people are voting) rising levels of identify theft, seems like requiring would be a waste of time and effort and an added aggravation.

    Get a life.

  4. DHP says:

    Voted twice they never knew the difference!!!

  5. Playing the Game says:

    Given the fact the dems lost in the towns surrounding the city of Lawrence and the fact that Lawrence helped these same dems to win the election. Voter Fraud in Lawrence…not in million years just the voters…oh you don’t speak the language. Just ask Deval whom delivered a bail out to the tune of $35 Million to Lawrence strange timing I suppose. Mass health, food stamps capital of Mass. You don’t marry in Lawrence you just live together I gets to have my rent money, my stamps and me healthcare after all we gets to stick whitey with the bill my oppressed brothers and sisters…………Welfareachusetts home of the dems and the free programs ..Proud to be ONION.

  6. EMC says:

    Everyone can get a valid ID. And most everyone has valid ID.: a credit card, social security card, passport, birth certificate. Even an expired driver’s license can validate identity.
    The argument against voter ID is suspect.

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