By Ron Sanders, WBZ-TV

HARWICH PORT (CBS) – Police are investigating what they call a rare cluster of house breaks in Harwich Port.

A neighbor out for a walk discovered the back door of a house on Northern Avenue had been smashed and called Harwich Police. Officers checked the neighborhood, which is a block from the ocean, and found at least 18 other homes, many of them seasonal, had been broken into probably between 2 o’clock Sunday morning and sunrise.

Detective Marc Davis says 12 flat screen televisions were stolen from the homes and some of the houses were vandalized. Glass in a front door of one was smashed. Screens on the front porch of another were slashed.

“It’s a little upsetting. It’s a quiet neighborhood. It’s very busy in the summer…and we didn’t hear a thing. I don’t know why,” said neighbor Don Reynolds.

Another neighbor, Gail Campbell, said she planned to call police about something she saw today as she was out for a walk. “I saw two cars with men getting out and going into the back shed. It looked a little suspicious,” she said.

Detectives say they don’t know how many people were involved in the break-ins,except that they believe it was probably more than one. “We don’t have any leads, really, at this point. We’ve collected some photos, we’ve attempted to take some fingerprints. We’ve collected some evidence from the scene,” said Detective Davis.

Harwich Police are advising homeowners in the area to keep doors locked, windows secure and alarms set, if they have them.

Detectives are also investigating a Friday night theft from a church on Route 28 but have not linked that to the house breaks at this point.


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