BOSTON (CBS/AP) – The candidates for governor visited train stations and local restaurants in a final search for pivotal votes on the eve of Election Day.

Republican Charlie Baker shook hands with commuters at the Beverly Depot train station early Monday.

Not to be outdone, independent candidate Tim Cahill greeted commuters pouring out of South Station.

Baker held his final rally before Election Day in Swampscott Monday evening.

 WBZ News Radio’s Carl Stevens talked to Baker.

Governor Deval Patrick made an early stop at the WBZ studios this morning.

 WBZ News Radio’s Karen Twomey spoke with Patrick.

Gov. Patrick made one more swing through urban centers — working from New Bedford up through Marlborough and Worcester and on to Lowell — before wrapping up his day at a rally in his hometown of Milton.

Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein held a rally in Pittsfield Monday afternoon.

Recent polls show a close race between Patrick and Baker, with Cahill a distant third and Stein in the single digits.

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Comments (18)
  1. TaylorHaus says:

    We can’t afford 4 more years of Deval Patrick. Charlie Baker is the clear choice in this one.



  3. Joe Mullaney says:

    I fear that Patrick will be re-elected. Why? If the Cahill and Baker supporters do not want Patrick re-elected, why are we splitting the vote between them. Baker is our best chance because he is almost even with Patrick in the polls. Cahill should have stepped out of the race and taken one for the team.

  4. jmr2 says:

    Charlie Baker is just another one of those greedy (quadrupled his pay to 1.7 million for a non-profit CEO) businessmen who only thinks about numbers and doesn’t care about the effects of his choices (doubling the premiums on Harvard Pilgrim policy holders). He doesn’t care about the effects of having health care take up 1/3 of your take home pay. No one can quadruple their pay to make up for the expense (except Charlie Baker). Where is Baker’s promise not to cut education, elderly programs, health services, snow plowing, and emergency responses? He didn’t promise because he will make severe cuts in all these areas to “balance the budget”. Government is more than just numbers. Will Charlie Baker even notice the harm he will cause, or will he just smile smugly and say ” I balanced the budget.” No compassion, no morals, poor judgment! Don’t vote for Baker!

  5. Ellen says:

    I for one will love to see this election done and over with. I am so sick and tired of all the negativity, all the commercials , and all the political adds everywhere you go.

  6. Linda says:

    I just heard an ad from this election that makes all your welfare recipients sound like drunks. Something about getting cash cards to buy booze. What a disgusting way to trash the people who need the most help in such a tough economy! I’m with Ellen about all the negativity, we have it in our state too. I haven’t seen a candidate yet that hasn’t become an embarrassment. They are all dregs from the bottom…

  7. john_hudsonma says:

    Sorry GMZ, but Cahill has more of a chance to come in 4th behind that fruitcake Jill Stein than he does of winning. The only reason he is in the race is to steal conservative votes from Baker. But I do agree that Barney Frank has to go. Sadly, I don’t think that Bielat will win, he is an honorable person and candidate who deserves a chance.

  8. john_hudsonma says:

    jmr2, why do all of the socialist Democrats want to control the pay of private sector CEO’s? Baker rescued Harvard Pilgrim by making tough decisions and this is the PRIVATE SECTOR. CEO’s in the PRIVATE SECTOR do not set their own pay, it is voted on by the board of directors. Learn how this industry works before making uneducated and incorrect comments. The CEO of my PRIVATE SECTOR company makes $16 million/year. Good for him!!!

  9. bdelraso says:


  10. bdelraso says:



    On the Ballot – Vote this way in getting back our State House for doing such a poor job for ther people in Massachusetts!

    Question #1 – NO
    Question #2 – NO
    Question #3 – YES

  11. Dianne says:

    Lucky the hand of the welfare recipient holding the food stamp card for booze and lottery was a white hand and not a black one, in Charlie Bakers ad against Gov.Deval Patrick. If the hand holding the food stamp card was a black hand, there would have been an uproar with accusation of racism towards the advertiser. We know if Terry Healy was running
    against Gov Patrick, she would have definately made the hand holding the food stamp card for booze a black hand.

  12. JC says:

    Cahil has no chance of winning. He speaks with a heavy boston accent, not very articulate or educated and has the

    crooked cop look. Baker spends more time complaining about the Governor than talking about his idea for the state, and has run more negative ads running against the govenor than the governor has against him.

    Governor Deval Patrick seem like a nice guy, who is very articulate, intelligent, educated , he smiles, laughs has a great

    sense of humor, is also sweet, even tempered , gentle, handsome, and an all around good guy.
    I’m voting for the Governor for Governor.
    Vote for Deval Patrick!
    A hundred more years! A hundred more years! A hundred more years!

  13. Nicole says:

    Charlie Baker is what we need in this State!

  14. Ellen says:

    Charlie Baker is not what we need in this state.

  15. SF says:

    our welfare system is totally abused. I work with this everyday and everyone should see firsthand what I witness and you would feel otherwise. Those who have worked and paid taxes their entire lives cannot get any benefits and others who have been here 6 months , speak no english get full coverage and then fly back to their countries and return when they need it again–its time to clean house

  16. KTR says:

    for the love of god please get deval patrick out of office– what a disaster for the state

  17. deebee says:

    SF~ I totally agree with you!!!
    I voted for the Govenor to be our Govenor AGAIN!

  18. jmr2 says:

    John Hudson Harvard Pilgrim is a NON-PROFIT. Ratepayers who have their health company chosen by their employer, have no choice of health care providers. Baker “saved” Harvard Pilgrim by throwing the ratepayers under the bus. I’m glad the ratepayers could retaliate at the ballot box. Millionaires CEOs who use shady practices (selling bad mortgages as good, falsifying records, manipulating the stock market) caused the economic upheaval that is drowning us all. CEOs used to have moral standards, but many of today’s CEO’s lack morals and compassion. No one faults anyone for becoming a millionaire honestly, but so many are being dishonest. They do not care about the effects of their actions. People are important, not just numbers.

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