Third Time’s The Charm?

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Here’s a portion of an e-mail from “Robert” who raises an interesting point:

“I heard your interview with Charlie Baker on Sunday Morning. Mr.
Baker continues to talk about how he turned around Harvard Pilgrim
and ‘made the difficult decisions’ and makes that a comparison to
Gov. Parick and the state of Massachusetts and why he would be able
to turn things around…one company is not the same as the complexity of the entire state of MA.
This idea that business people can walk out of the business world and apply
the  same approach to politics is so disingenuous and they know it.  One  model
is there to make money and the other isn’t.”

Mitt Romney and Deval Patrick might agree on that. Come to think of it, Baker would be our third straight “reform” governor to come directly out of the private sector. Starting with Dukakis in 1974, we’ve had a pol, a businessman/bureaucrat, two more terms of the pol, a former prosecutor/bureaucrat (and almost a university president!), a pol, a Western Mass. pol (acting), a businessman, and a corporate lawyer. Hmm.

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