By Todd Gutner, WBZ-TV

After days and days with above normal temps we finally had a day which felt more late October like…finally!  The climate normal high for today in Boston is 58 and that’s what we hit a little after 11AM before the clouds got some depth to them and dominated.

The shortwave disturbance responsible for the convective cloud and shower activity this afternoon is now offshore…showers have dissipated and clouds are currently melting away.  This shortwave is ushering in a reinforcing shot of  cold and this won’t be the last shortwave to reinforce the cold this weekend.  Tomorrow we will be between shortwaves so we start with sun and once again see highs at near normal levels but as the afternoon goes on clouds will advance in…so similar to today but different clouds…tomorrow’s will be high and midlevel due to a warmfornt draped to our north.

The next shortwave and associated coldfront passes through midday Sunday with another build up of clouds and perhaps a brief shower then behind the front, in the evening the wind picks up and temps drop through the 40s!!!  Yikes, I hope your costume has fur…like a polar bear or something!

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Halloween!

  1. manowx says:

    Yikes? Are you serious Todd? This air is not atypical for late Oct early Nov.

    Summer person!

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