BOSTON (CBS) — Charlie Baker shares with Jon Keller some of the lessons he’s learned during his campaign to become Governor.

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  1. jmr2 says:

    Jon, your belief in all things Republican is annoying. Baker is not compassionate, Baker is stealing my retirement. By doubling my health care costs I have nothing left for hobbies or enjoyment. Did he really need to quadruple his pay to 1.7 million on the backs of the ratepayers? With Baker it is all about numbers. He doesn’t care about someone like me. Why didn’t you ask him some real questions like if he is planning to give the tax breaks to businesses instead of individuals. I fear for everyone’s welfare if Baker is elected.

    1. ellen says:

      so JMR2 you would prefer to continue as we have been for the past 4 years with patrick? IMO baker will fix things for us instead of taxing us to death

    2. Neal says:

      jmr2, you sound like a communist. Do you also believe in giving illegal immigrants debit cards that are charged with my hard earned dollars??? You’re insane…

  2. Nicole says:

    Baker is the reason why your retirement is gone JMR? Really??? I really think you need to re-evaluate this. Ask Barney Frank and Patrick etc why your retirement is gone!!! Baker is the only one with a PROVEN record of fixing a company!!!

  3. jmr2 says:

    Neal, you’re insane. I talk about Baker doubling my health care costs with double premiums, double co-pays, and thousands in deductibles and you think I’m for handing out debit cards to illegal immigrants? If you’re an example of who is for Charlie Baker, then we are all in trouble, because your brain isn’t working. CHARLIE BAKER, AS CEO OF HARVARD PILGRIM HEALTH, FIXED A NON-PROFIT BY DOUBLING ALL THE RATES, ADDING THOUSANDS MORE IN DEDUCTIBLES, AND QUADRUPLING HIS PAY TO 1.7 MILLION. THAT IS FACT. Baker says he will keep the state within the budget, but he couldn’t keep his own expenses within his budget. He had to quadruple his salary to do so. Will he quadruple my retirement?

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