WBZ’s Jon Keller says consumption of the high-alcohol, high-caffeine drink should be used as a teachable moment.

 Jon Keller talks about the controversial new drink Four Loko.

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  1. JohnC says:

    I agree with you, Jon. BTW: The new website is not an improvement over the old one.

  2. mwils says:

    Jon, do you have any say in how your web page is displayed? If so, start screaming now. It’s awful. First, it’s hard to find the page, then all the video links are on top and text links are stuffed on the bottom. A dozen special plug-ins seem to be required (at least that the message that keeps popping up say), and sorry, I don’t need the latest version of Flash just to read text.
    Some of us working stiffs just want to get the latest buzz while taking a break at work, and don’t have audio/video/Flash etc. Just the plain text, please.

  3. Jon Keller says:

    Folks…so sorry about the difficulties in our web site transition. I hope you will hang in there with me and keep visiting and commenting, your feedback is important to me.

  4. Paul Garon says:

    4 lokos comes in a 23.5 oz can, its 12% alcohol–> 1.82 Shots of 100% Alcohol in a whole Four Loko. compare that to the average drinker who goes out and has what 2,3,maybe 4 martini’s. Just to clarify 1.82 shots of 100% alcohol is equv to 3, 1.5 oz shots of vodka. Thats not much; so what about the caffeine? that must be the “blackout substance”. Well No its not in this study caffeine and alcohol do not impare the user any more than just alcohol or caffeine ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1365159/pdf/brjclinpharm00003-0103.pdf ). My question to you is why does every piece of news regarding 4lokos center around what seems to me bar stories and not raw facts?

  5. Jack Gosselin says:

    John, Love hearing you on BZ, Queation: I watch “Las Vegas Jailhouse” on Tru TV, when they have a suspected drunk, they sometimes restrain them in a restraint chair which I can understand, what I can’t is how they can then take their blood by force againt the suspects will, with the intent of using it against them in a court of law. (self incrimination?) Before conviction the suspect is innocent. seems to me this must violate some sort of legal right?

    This is not related to a personal situation, just very interested how this can happen in the USA.

    Thank you John

    Jack Gosselin
    Seabrook, NH

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