By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – While candidates make their final pitches, their volunteers are working to sway undecided voters, and get their supporters to the polls on Tuesday.

The Baker and Patrick campaigns have different focuses on their get out the vote efforts.

Charlie Baker’s campaign field director Matt St. Hilaire says they will be making half a million phone calls to voters, starting on Saturday morning.

He says they have been collecting information about voters in a database, to find out who to target.  “We’ve worked months and months and months at this and it all comes down to the last weekend. We’re excited.”

Deval Patrick’s campaign is focusing on fewer phone calls, and more face-to-face contact.

Democratic party chair John Walsh has created a get out the vote network of team captains across the state who have volunteered to talk with as many family members and friends as they can. “What we find and what’s true is we have the most effective technology that there ever has been one person talking to their friends and neighbors.”


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