BOSTON (CBS) — Karyn Polito explains the Red Sox low number license plate dispute and what she intends to do if elected state treasurer and Dan Rea calls out the Boston Globe for what he calls a “hit piece” on the Republican candidate.

    State treasurer candidate Karyn Polito talks to Nightside’s Dan Rea.

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  1. ulie says:

    fox news stated these plates were slotted for auction and the proceeds were going to the jimmy fund.. duh! why is the state diverting public funds to begin with? why are the network news cronies sweeping this matter under the rug?

  2. notymymoney says:

    whats next? probably tells us it cost 35million for illegal aliens health care in mass? wonder if these aliens work for the jimmy fund

  3. buyless says:

    play their game.. shop newhampshire.donate money saved to the jimmyfund, deduct it from your taxes. they are going to give your money away, so beat them at it. less revenue for them, more writeoff 4u!!!

  4. Rick Conboy says:

    I have been following the political presentations this week on your show, and find them to be interesting to a degree, and once in a while, enlightening. The Karyn Polito segment was most interesting for me because of your view of it.
    Generally, I consider you to be very astute on these matters, so I was dumbfounded to hear you characterize the Globe story on the Polito/Sox plates affair as a “hit piece”. I was very surprised that you may have missed what I see as a very obvious point brought out by the Globe writer.
    That point being that Karyn and her crew were gaming the system. In what participants should have expected would be a fair “first come/first served” system. Ms Polito intervened to scoop the better items for her own group. All in all, she did a big favor for the Dana-Farber Institute, but not without taking something for herself. And, if the Dana-Farber was so pleased with her work and the results, why did they cut her loose after that?

    The entire affair left me with a very jaundiced view of Ms. Polito as a potential watchdog – it’s appears to be endemic to the culture we thought we were trying to eliminate. I don’t believe she really “explained” anything that night on your show.

    I’m not sure if you and I were reading the same news story.

  5. Martin Callaghan says:

    Dan was off base on this one. If the State and Ms. Polito said form the beginning that they were rewarded for their hard work with these plates, then Dan’s point would make sense. Neither was true.

    When this broke, Ms Polito said she they were given out in order of application and that all she did was go out and get the pledges. We now know that that the plates were not given out in order of application and we also know that her name is on the applications that got the low number plates.

    If you listen carefully to Dan’s interview, she admits she put her name on them!

    The facts were also confirmed by Channel 5 and Fox 25. How many times can she change her story? I’m afraid Karen caused her own problems on this one.

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