Political candidates can spend millions of dollars on a campaign, but the job doesn’t pay nearly as much. Erin in Peabody Declared her Curiosity asking, “Why do politicians spend millions of dollars on ads for their campaign when the job only pays $140,000 a year?” Jon Keller takes a look.

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  1. TheRose says:

    I don’t believe these people spend all that money only to make a small wage. Maybe the amount they report is smaller then the amount they actually make. I always say that if something doesn’t make sense, then no doubt it’s a lie.

  2. Chris says:

    Can anyone tell me where Richard Tisei has been during all the campaign ads that we have seen on TV during this election season. I have not seen one photo of him with Charlie Baker either on the campaign trail or in the news. Who is this man?

    Thanks for your response.

  3. taxedout says:

    I don’t think any New person will run in the near future. Mass has shown once again that it loves it’s corrupt pol’s

  4. titan arum says:

    Of course they want to work for a small wage…after all, they are doing good for others. Right?

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