Danroy Henry (WBZ-TV)

Danroy Henry (WBZ-TV)

BOSTON (CBS) — The family of a college student from Easton shot and killed by police in New York is raising serious concerns about the police investigation.

A source close to the family told WBZ Thursday that they have reasons to believe investigators will not be objective in the search for the truth.

WBZ’s Ed Walsh talks with Michael Sussman, who represents the Henry family:

D.J. Henry was killed by police outside a bar in Thornwood, New York early Sunday morning.

Investigators say local and state police continue to interview witnesses and gather evidence and some of that material has already been delivered to the New York State Crime Lab.

But in a statement Thursday, a Henry family spokesman said:

“We are very concerned about who is conducting the investigation. We were told by Mount Pleasant police that they were investigating because it was a Pleasantville police officer who did the shooting. We found out only later that there was also a Mount Pleasant police officer who fired on the car.”

“If they knew everything Sunday morning, they must have known one of their officers shot at the car.”

“We are afraid they are going to attempt to prove what they said was true.”

Investigators announced Thursday that the autopsy on Henry has been finished, but no results have been released.

Henry’s four friends who were arrested that night were arraigned Thursday morning.

An attorney said one of the young men had a gun put to his ribs; another two said police zapped them with stun guns.

The Henry family spokesman told WBZ, “We want the truth. We need the absolute truth.”

Authorities said Thursday that the investigation could take months.

D.J. Henry will be buried October 29th, which would have been his 21st birthday.


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