Boston (CBS) – The Bruins had a monumental collapse last season against the Flyers in the playoffs, but with key new additions such as Tyler Seguin and Nathan Horton, the fan base seems to be ecstatic about this year’s team.  Felger & Mazz discuss the current state of the team, whether they are on the verge hoisting up the Stanley Cup or if they are setting the city up for disappointment.

Felger: “For the last week or so when they announced those deals with Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron, I have been pretty hard on those two players.  But it is almost like I’ve been saying that they suck.  So here is how I stand. I don’t like the deals for Bergeron or Chara. I am just pumping the breaks on this 3-1 team and you know why? I don’t want to get sucked in, that is what is really is. This is about the last two to three years and they brought back the same core group. You know what really surprises me? It hasn’t stuck with more fans. I’m surprised with the level of protection for players that have really not performed when it counted.  When you lose the way you did last year, it should stick with you. They suffered the biggest collapse in that sport in 35 years.”

Mazz: “My bold proclamation is that this is the year. They are going to win the cup. This had nothing to do with the 4 games in October; they just have a good team. There is a good balance of experience and youth on this team – they have a lot of talent on this team. They are a legitimate cup contender and have a chance to win it. I go into this thinking and you know why? They really do have a good young team. They are well coached, and on the whole they are relatively well managed. I don’t think that anyone has forgotten what happened last year. That cynicism will come out in the spring if they blow it again.


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