By Robi, WBZ-TV

Imagine if your college degree came with a money back guarantee. Can’t find a job? No problem, here’s your tuition money back!

At Boston College Law School one student hasn’t even graduated yet and he already wants a refund. He says the job market is so bleak, he’s willing to forgo his degree if the school pays him back 

The third year student posted an open letter to the interim Dean on a student-run website. In it he complains that he’s “resentful” because he was convinced to pursue a law degree by “empty promises” of a fulfilling career. He now says he and his peers find themselves in the midst of “one of the worst job markets in the history of our profession.”

The student goes on to say that he gave up a teaching career for law school and now he and his wife, who’s expecting their first child, are “terrified” about paying off their debt. It costs about $60,000 a year for tuition and housing at BC Law. So what’s in it for the school if they give this guy his money back? Every year US News & World Report ranks law schools and according to the student, BC’s ranking would go up because the school wouldnd’t have to list him as unemployed.

In a statement BC Law officials told the Herald that while they are “deeply concerned” about their students’ job prospects, no school can guarantee a job after graduation.

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  1. Steve, Duxbury, MA says:


  2. Eric Grant says:

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  3. Eric Grant says:

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  4. Kristen Arakelian says:

    August 4, 2011

    Mr. Matt Damon

    Re: Teachers

    Dear Mr. Damon,

    I am responding to your recent comments regarding teachers. I am an educated ‘stay at home Mom’ living in Massachusetts.

    I feel forced to send my children to private school to try and offer a better opportunity to them. This is a very frustrating situation for the average family.

    I am not sure if you have seen ‘Waiting for Superman’? Maybe you should see it!
    It is real, and what we are dealing with as parents in America today.

    We continue to give our teachers more and more and expect less and less.
    You may disagree, but most teachers make a decent living. You have to understand that as middle class people this is a decent salary with benefits. Others who make the same amount of money have half the benefits and far less time off. I don’t think making an average of $60,000.00 annually is bad for 180 days of year. Can you explain why this is so bad to someone who is making the same amount of money with two weeks vacation, and working just as hard?

    ‘America the Great’ is ranked one of the lowest standardized test scores in the world, and we have every opportunity to make it better and it is only getting worse. We take more and more away from our children for ‘teacher trainings’ etc.
    Why can’t these trainings be done when children are out for the summer instead of interrupting the school year?

    I can understand your need to feel defensive about teachers seeing that your Mom was a teacher, however you do not live in the ‘real world’ with the rest of us and endure the same struggles. You are entitled to your opinion but please keep it to yourself. Maybe you should stick to acting, you are good at that.

    I am anxious to see if you will be sending your kids to public schools?
    I mean really it would be fitting if you do…. but I doubt it.

    Very truly yours,

    Kristen Arakelian

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