carl stevens grad 300x300 Politics At The Deluxe Town Diner In WatertownTwo weeks before the election, WBZ’s Carl Stevens checks in with voters at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown.


  1. Kim says:

    Stop voting their own pay reaises and take a cut in pay. these politicians make more money than God and they get to give themselves pay raises ….as much as they want!!!!!!!!! Meanwhle us ppl on disability don’t have a cost of llving increase in 2 yrs because there is no inflation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid do you think us ppl on social security are? I worked 25 yrs so i am NOT STUPID!

    What I want to hear is these politicians take a pay cut and not be allowed to vote for their own pay raises!!!!!!!!!!! Let us voters decide if they have done a good enough job to get a 1`5% pay raise as the rest of the normal working world!!!!!

    Stop welfare bashing, stop social security bashing. These politicians make more money in 6 months to pay for the entire programs and then some!!!!!!!!!

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