Politics At The Deluxe Town Diner In Watertown

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  1. Kim says:

    Stop voting their own pay reaises and take a cut in pay. these politicians make more money than God and they get to give themselves pay raises ….as much as they want!!!!!!!!! Meanwhle us ppl on disability don’t have a cost of llving increase in 2 yrs because there is no inflation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid do you think us ppl on social security are? I worked 25 yrs so i am NOT STUPID!

    What I want to hear is these politicians take a pay cut and not be allowed to vote for their own pay raises!!!!!!!!!!! Let us voters decide if they have done a good enough job to get a 1`5% pay raise as the rest of the normal working world!!!!!

    Stop welfare bashing, stop social security bashing. These politicians make more money in 6 months to pay for the entire programs and then some!!!!!!!!!

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