Sean Bielat, the Republican candidate trying to oust U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, is pulling in donations from backers as far away as Texas, California and Guam.

The breadth of backing for Bielat, a political unknown until he challenged Frank, is another indication of national GOP anger at the Democratic incumbent.

Bielat concedes the majority of his funding comes from out-of-state donors but points out that Frank also relies heavily on out-of- state donors and political action committees.

Bielat still trails Frank. He began October with $364,000 in his campaign account, compared with more than $1 million for Frank.

Other GOP hopefuls aren’t doing as well.

In the 5th Congressional District, GOP challenger Jon Golnik had $65,000 in his account compared with incumbent Niki Tsongas’ $589,000.

  1. Ricardo says:

    The Dem’s have brought this country down to a lowest state in years. They have become like a cult rather then a party. They are like hemorids, once you get them you can”ty get rid of them.

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