BOSTON (CBS) — It might be a good time to pay attention to oil prices.   Oil industry analyst John Kilduff tells WBZ News Radio he thinks that home heating oil prices will go up during the next couple of months.  And he predicts prices as high as $4 a gallon as we head into the colder months.

Kilduff says there are two reasons.  First, that OPEC is pushing for oil to sell at 100 dollars a barrel, and that the Federal Reserve may start printing more money that would have an inflationary impact on the global market.

WBZ’s Deb Lawler speaks with oil industry analyst John Kilduff:

 Oil industry analyst John Kilduff talks to WBZ News Radio’s Deb Lawler about what to expect for prices this winter.

Currently, oil is selling at just over $80 a barrel.


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