Gary LaPierre Wasn’t that a touching moment on “The View” when Behar and Goldberg walked off the set because of something Bill O’Reilly said?  If I wasn’t so suspicious, I wouldn’t even bring up the possibility it was a staged prat-fall.   Behar and Goldberg are certainly capable of staging such a “dive” but O’Reilly is simply too “into himself” to even consider taking a “dive” for two women from “The View.”

     When O’Reilly suggested that it was Muslims who killed thousands of us on 9-11, that’s when Joy-Joy and the Whoopster decided to protest and walk out.    Even Barbara Walters was embarrassed by her own co-hosts, who of course came back when Big Bill said if he offended any Muslims, he was sorry.    He explained he should have said “Muslim terrorists killed thousands of us on 9-11.”   Of course the politically correct wackos would demand the word Muslim be taken out and only the word terrorist be used.

     No question, O’Reilly said what he said…..for effect.    It worked.    And he’s not wrong!    It was Muslims who killed thousands of us on 9-11, not unlike the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor and killed thousands.   Nobody calls the Japanese…”terrorists.”    Near 70-years later, it’s still the Japanese who attacked us….not terrorists…….it was Japanese people.                   9-11 was done by Muslim People!

     But of course that Japanese thing was long before PC started taking all reality out of our lives and became the law of the land.

     As for the women of “The View”, some advice.   Keep inviting O’Reilly back, keep storming off every time he says something you don’t like, O’Reilly will laugh all the way to the bank.


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