HAVERHILL (WBZ) — School officials in Haverhill are considering a dress code for students and teachers.

Typically if you walk the hallways of any school you’ll see students wearing jeans, jerseys, sweats and trendy t-shirts. But Haverhill School Committee member Pail Magliocchetti thinks there should be a dress code and those things should be off limits.

He adds that teachers should dress in business attire including pants and ties.

But parents and students are not thrilled with the idea.

“They’re not going to a private school; this is a public school system and I want to dress them the way I want to dress them,” said Dawn Prescott, a parent.

Mike Thuotte used to teach and is torn on the idea, but said, “There should be a certain level of decorum.”

The students said they don’t support the dress code because they need to express themselves and they’re not comfortable in “those kids of clothes.”

The school committee agrees that the dress code needs to be tightened up and made more consistent district-wide.

The superintendent is reviewing the policies and changes could be announced as early as next week.


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