Felger & Massarotti have spent so much time the past two weeks talking about the Randy Moss trade, they almost forgot the Patriots are playing a game this weekend! The guys opened Friday’s program previewing the first game in the post-Moss era as the Pats prepare for their playoff re-match with the Baltimore Ravens.

Felger: “If they win this game they’re right there- record-wise- at the top of the conference. They will have beaten arguably the best team in the conference in Baltimore. They’d be 4-1 and at that point they’d have to go what, 6-5 the rest of the way to be a playoff team? Ten wins generally gets it done. You’re looking at a 4-1 start with some winnable games coming up on the schedule. I think a win here, and the Pats get some love-as they should. It’s also going to start this running commentary: “See? They don’t need Randy Moss! See? Bill Belichick strikes again!” If they get smushed and score nine points and lose the game, it’s the other side. With a win it really starts to change the conversation.”

Mazz: “Aside from the wins and losses, what’s really more important to me is how they play. If they go out and play a good game and lose, I won’t feel horrible about it like some people. In this particular game, there is more for them to gain than there is for them to lose. It’s the opposite of the Buffalo game in that way. If they get blown out 40-3 or something then everything changes…This isn’t just about the Baltimore game now. Let’s say they do win. The next six weeks are going to tell us a lot about this team. They go to San Diego, then the Vikings come here, you go to Pittsburgh then Indy comes here. After that you got the Thanksgiving game on a short week then after that you got the Jets! So they’re really in the meat of their schedule now.”

Comments (2)
  1. Nick DiCicco says:

    Mike, I agreed with your position over the past two weeks regarding Deion Branch, but PLEASE don’t start rubbing it in after only one game. Let the season play out and if Branch continues at even two-thirds of the production he displayed yesterday you’ll be able to “humbly” shout out some “I told you so’s!”. Great job by Mazz and you as always. Keep up the good work.

  2. Eugene says:

    Mike, go ahead and crow!!! Nobody had the faith in the way things are like you did. Enjoy

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