Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe joined Felger and Massarotti to discuss Bruins hockey.  First the guys talked about recent contracts signings the Bruins have had.  Are they smart moves?  Between Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron, who should have gotten more years on their contract?  Kevin gave the guys his thought on rookie Tyler Seguin.  Finally, is Claude Julien on the hot seat this season?trans Are These Smart Signings By The Boston Bruins?

Kevin Paul Dupont of Felger and Massarotti:

  1. mike says:

    MikeFelger you are always prepared to be peckehead. Please don’t talk hockey. If they didnt sign Bergeron or Chara, management isnt doing enough. Now you go the other way with your argument. This team is built to win. With that being said a lot can go wrong and if it does you will want Claude fired.The Bruins have 2 good goalies and a deep group but you will find a problem with this group. I want you to go into the locker room this year and call them soft like you do from your chair at the studio. You are all talk you cupcake. The show is better when Mazz is carring the conversation

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