Every once in a while I forget this guy Axelrod is lurking and slithering in the Obama White House (though not for long) and then he pops his venomous head out and appears with his pack of lies on an interview program.   This time…..it was “Face The Nation.”

     God knows this is a disgusting human being who just happens to be our Presidents Top Gun and if you’re not concerned about that, fine!   I’m concerned enough for both of us.Gary LaPierre    The only good news here is that Axelrod is not long for the White House either.   Most newly elected Presidents hang on to their closest confidants for at least the first term…..but not this guy.   Several of his top people have left already (couldn’t even survive two years with this guy) and now Axelrod, the snake of all snakes is about to split…… but beware, he’s not going far……just back into the trenches to try and figure out how to get this “community organizer” re-elected.  Do you believe this guy (Axelrod) is still trying to blame George Bush for the all that’s going?     He’s accusing the Republicans, i.e. Carl Rove and the GOP of using foreign money to subsidize attacks on the Dems.    When asked by CBS’s Bob Scheiffer what the Dems will do when the Republicans take over in November….Axeldude said “we hope the Republicans will work with us for our future.”     Something as simple as asking Axeldude if the President still smokes……..he said….”the President is doing a good job with that.”  

     What a scumbag!!!    Can he answer one simple question….with a simple answer?     My answer………”NO.”

     And while I’m at it, the only person closer to Barack than Axelrod……(maybe Michelle)….is his “former” Chief of Staff Rahm Emanual……also couldn’t survive two years of a failing dismal administration.   Rahm is going back to Barack’s (adopted) hometown of Chicago, where our President developed his entire resume, to run for Mayor.    Perfect……Chicago, where the “C” in Chicago stands for corruption……in our lifetime always has……and Rahm will work to continue the Chicago traditions of Mayor Daley, (the 1st and the 2nd), Robert Sorich, Fred Roti, Nick Calabrese, Joey Lombardo, Al Capone…..etc, etc, etc……whatever.  

 GangsterRahm probably won’t make it……but he would fit right in.    Remember Rahm….”vote early…..vote often.”

sig The Face Of Evil...No, Not Akmoodingaling...David Axelrod !

Comments (2)
  1. Deborah Sirotkin Butler says:

    There was no news in your column – and you conveniently ignore that almost NO chiefs of staff stay even two years. You did not say one coherent thing about Axelrod and I could not see what you are so upset about, either. You are a master of saying nothing with many words yourself.

  2. Doug Grueder says:

    Agree 100% with your opinions on this, Gary. Keep’em coming.

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