woodhead Audio: Patriots Dominate Dolphins

(Getty Images)

The Patriots hit the road to Miami and surprised many by smoking the Dolphins on Monday Night Football.  What motivated the Patriots on the team plane heading down? What might be the biggest positive arising from the game? And what happened to the Wildcat formation?  Gresh & Zo discuss this and more as they react to the game.

Comments (2)
  1. Anthony says:

    Anyone hear the dumest question by a reporter that asked Bill if he ever seen a game where a kickoff return for a TD a pic for a TD blocked FG for a TD and a blocked punt. Bill said ‘someone told me that’s never been done before in the history of the NFL so no I haven’t seen that before ‘ Lmao

  2. Dicket T says:

    Dickiet- Danvers > Randy Moss whining has gotten him exactly what he asked for. “See ya Randy! Don’t let the locker room door hit you on the way out. Big Baby! Is that your Karma you left in your locker?” If he was an honorable professional he would have played out his contract without complaining so much. What a Wuss.

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