one nation rally104653879 DC rally shows support for struggling Democrats

A coalition of progressive and civil rights groups are tapping into the same type of anger that fuels the tea party movement with a demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial, only they’re pledging to support Democrats struggling to keep power on Capitol Hill.

One man attending today’s rally in Washington says he wants to “show the rest of the country that there are people who support the progressive agenda.” A woman in the crowd says her message to Congress is: “Stop the obstructionism. Work together.” In a fiery speech that opened the “One Nation Working Together” rally on the National Mall, MSNBC host Ed Schultz blamed Republicans for shipping jobs overseas and curtailing freedoms. He ever borrowed some of conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s rhetoric, promising to “take back our country.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton warned activists against being apathetic, urging them knock on doors and volunteer for candidates. With a month of campaigning to go and voter unhappiness high, the Democratic-leaning organizers are hoping the event energizes activists crucial to the Democrats’ chances of retaining majorities in the House and Senate.


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