street sweeper Street sweeping goes year round in North End

Street sweeping will continue in the North End through the winter.  Traditionally the cleaing of Boston’s streets stops when the winter begins, but during that four month break, mounds of dirt and junk that attract rodents tend to pile-up.

According to the Boston Globe, the North End will take part in a pilot program.  It was chosen because of its many restaraunts, its high density of residents and its draw for out of town visitors.

The city will evaluate the program in the spring to determine whether it was successful and whether it’s worth expanding to other neighborhoods.

For residents and visitors with cars, it’ll mean paying attention to parking restrictions. Tickets for illegally parked cars on street-sweeping days runs $40 plus towing charges.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Do you have spell check?

    1. Matt Ledin says:

      Apparently not. Major fail!

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