8am: Bertrand & Gasper
11am: Dan Shaughnessy w/ Adam Jones
2pm: Hardy & Trupiano
6pm: FOX Sports Radio
7:30pm: Revolution vs. Real Salt Lake
9:30pm: Boston College vs. Notre Dame (Joined in progress)


9am: Fantasy Football Show
10am: Ted Sarandis
2pm: Adam Jones
3:45pm: NFL Football – Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles
7:15pm: FOX Sports Radio

  1. tim says:

    adam jones …ah ah ah ah ah, bbbbbbbbut, let me take both sides of the issue anan an an an an an an and look let me be passionate about something just to be passionate ah ah ah ah ah why do they put an idiot like me next to a guy like Dan S who has a sense of history, or has a respected/ valid opinion??? ah ah ah ah aha i dont know. Please get this guy off the air. I switch stations when he is on( along with the blabbering puke mouth shouter Gresh.)

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