Mass. Drivers Grade Poorly On Driver's TestAP

As Massachusetts drivers rate poorly on a national driver’s test, the State Registrar of Motor Vehicles is considering making drivers take refresher courses.

Along with all the colleges and universities, Massachusetts residents are pretty smart. However, local drivers have well-documented issues parking their cars in Harvard Yard.

And apparently, figuring out the flashing red on the way there.

GMAC Insurance gave the country a multiple choice pop quiz, which included 20 questions like, “Do you know what’s on a diamond road sign?”

According to the test results, Massachusetts drivers ranked 48th in the nation. Massachusetts drivers take a written test when they get their permits but are never required to take another.

“I just think it’s wacky,” said driver Maureen Dezell.

Dezell knew most of the answers to the questions on the test.

Then there’s Jeremy.

“A tire blows out. Do you grip the steering wheel firmly, pump the breaks, or steer hard?” WBZ’s David Wade asked him.

“Pump the brakes?” Jeremy said.

The answer is to grip the wheel firmly.

One of the questions on the test has to do with Boston’s pastime — jaywalking.

When a driver spots a jaywalker should they let him know they see him and just keep going? Does the driver stop or just drive around him?

The answer: Stop and let the jaywalker cross.

“We always have room for improvement,” said the State Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Rachel Kaprelian.

But how do Massachusetts drivers improve?

The RMV is in the process of making young drivers take a second written test when they go for their road test. The RMV is also working on requiring parents to go through a two-hour refresher course.

On average, Massachusetts drivers scored 75 on the test, which means an average of five wrong answers.

Kansas was first with 84 percent correct.

ico010x010poll Mass. Drivers Grade Poorly On Drivers Test See how you score on the GMAC Driver’s Test

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