Is It Cost Effective Turning Heat Up & Down?WBZ

Despite temperatures dipping to dangerous lows, some people prefer to keep their thermostat low in their house to help save money.

Stephen in Lowell is Curious: “Is it cost effective to keep turning your heat up and down?”

A local plumber helped answer that question. Mike Coughlin has seen what frigid temperatures can do to homes.

“Ice can be very devastating,” Coughlin said. “I’ve seen it blow radiators apart.”
Coughlin has some advice to homeowners going on vacation.

“I always recommend shutting your water main off when you leave,” he said.

Coughlin explains that leaving the thermostat at a low temperature is dangerous, saying it should never be kept below 55 degrees.

Also, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe— even at a trickle — helps prevent pipes from freezing because the temperature of the water running through it is above freezing.

For example, if you prefer your thermostat at 64 degrees, the minimum it should ever be is 62 degrees while you are at work or at home. Coughlin explains that’s because any lower would make your furnace work too hard to get the home back at 64 degrees.

Coughlin explains that the cost of heating your home that extra degree or two during frigid times is better than having to pay a plumbing contractor to fix problems due to freezing.

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