Curious Why Mass. Drivers Don't Follow Road RulesAP

Breaking news: Massachusetts drivers are among the worst in the country.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” said one driver from Brookline. “There’s a sort of rudeness. It’s incivility, pulling ahead whenever you can.”

So why does it seem that Massachusetts drivers can’t seem to follow the rules of the road?

Frank from Lowell is Curious why drivers don’t yield when entering the highway, and Mary Beth from Avon wonders why they do not use their blinkers.

It turns out it’s because Massachusetts drivers don’t know the rules. This is based on results from a national test measuring driving knowledge.

For many, it may be no surprise that our state ranks sixth worst in the country when it comes to knowing the rules, according to the annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test.

The results are based on a 20 question test.

Some of the questions are obvious, like tailgating frustrates other drivers and makes them angry.

The thing is, people don’t always practice what they preach or what they check off on the written test.

And if Mass. drivers aren’t even getting it right in the test, that could explain all the confusion on the roads.

There is one thing that might make us feel better here in Massachusetts. New York ranks the very worst in the country. Indiana is best.

Do you want to know if you’d pass the test?

ico010x010bullet Curious Why Mass. Drivers Don't Follow Road Rules Find out: Take the GMAC Driving Test

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