Curious If There's Artificial Hormones In MilkCBS

Farmer Mark Duffy milks his cows at Great Brook Farm in Carlisle every eight hours, every day.

It’s the only way he can step up production naturally.

But there is another way.

“It’s a tool some farmers use, to get more milk,” said Duffy.

The tool is called R.B.S.T.

It’s a synthetic hormone some farmers inject into the cow and it increases production.

But some consumers worry it’s not safe for milk drinkers. And while Duffy maintains it is safe, he still never uses the stuff.

Joanne from Derry Declared Her Curiosity:

“What kind of artificial hormones do they use to produce milk?”

“All milk is safe. All milk is tested,” Duffy tells WBZ.

In fact, all dairy farmers in New England have agreed not to use the hormone.

They have signed a pledge. They say it is only because that’s what the market demands right now.

“Many years ago, consumers spoke out. We really want a choice in the dairy aisle,” said Jennifer Bourbeau with the New England Dairy and Food Council.

We asked shoppers, “You don’t want the added hormones?”

“No,” says Sandra Calisto, a local mom. She worries it’s dangerous for her kids. “I think it may not be good for them.”

There are now labels on every single milk bottle that says “hormone free.”

In fact, we couldn’t find one bottle in the Shaw’s Market in Allston without one.

It also means if you are looking to just avoid the added hormones, you may not need to spend the extra cash on organic milk here in New England.

For shoppers, it shows, if you demand it, sometimes they listen.

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