Curious About WBZ's New AccuWeather SystemWBZ

WBZ has gotten a lot of inquiries about our new AccuWeather system via emails and phone calls to the weather office.

Joe in Auburndale Declared his Curiosity on

“I’m curious what AccuWeather is about. Does this give the weather team more information?”

AccuWeather provides forecasts and weather information for more than 175,000 media companies, businesses and governments around the globe.

WBZ-TV is now tapping into AccuWeather to give you the most comprehensive look at weather and how it affects your everyday life.

AccuWeather has more than 100 meteorologist who we can turn to for assistance when severe weather is happening elsewhere in the country.


AccuWeather is no stranger to Boston. WBZ Radio has been a partner with AccuWeather for more than 25 years.

No doubt if you have tuned to 1030AM on your way to or from work, you have heard their “AccuWeather forecast” more than once.


Our team of meteorologists is not going away. We will continue to fine-tune our forecasts from the time we see a storm coming until the time it moves out of our area.

In addition to all the weather tools we have at our fingertips, our own Doppler radar, Weatherbug and the latest in software technology, we add AccuWeather – a trusted name in meteorology not only here in Boston, but around the world.

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