Curious About Tree 'Trimming' Along VFW ParkwayWBZ

The busy tree lined VFW Parkway in Boston is getting a trim and not everyone passing by is happy about it.

Allen from Jamaica Plain Declared his Curiosity to WBZ wondering:

“Who is making the decision to do this? Is this considered proper tree pruning? The results are terrible, awful, and horrible.”

As WBZ’s Ken MacLeod explains, the project to trim the trees is going exactly as planned.

Tom Slonka of Northern Tree Service is the contractor under state supervision who’s trimming the majestic red oaks that make the road so gorgeous.

“99 percent of the work that I’m doing is just dead wood, dead or dying wood,” said Slonka.

The dead limbs aren’t safe because they can fall on cars or pedestrians. And with years between carving visits, workers have to be proactive.

“If I think it’s going to be dead within five or six years I take it off before it becomes a hazard,” said Slonka.

Many of the oaks are about a century old and are growing weary with time.

The State Dept. of Conservation and Recreation is overseeing the tree trimming project. They told WBZ that they almost never get complaints about cutting down too much – most of the time people are asking them to cut down more.

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