Curious About Tom Brady's New HairstyleGetty Images

There are certainly greater problems in the world, but more than a few people have been talking about Tom Brady.

They’re not wondering about his arm or knee. They’re asking about his hair – the shaggy style he’s been seen with lately.

Jean from Greenfield Declared her Curiosity.

“What’s with Tom Brady’s hair? Not a good look.”

WBZ’s Dave Wade found there are a lot of fans saying the same thing.

He visited a local barber shop to learn about the buzz on Brady’s new doo.

Barber shop owner Richie Firicano has seen a lot of different hairstyles.

As a New England Patriots fan, he’s seen Dorky Tom, 007 Tom and the GQ quarterback, but Firicano said Brady’s new haircut makes him look like Farrah Fawcett.

“I’ll give him eight games,” he said. “If he’s not 8-0, he’s going to have to come in, and we’re going to have to do a little work.”

Another barber at the shop said Brady should get an older hairstyle.

It’s not just the guys who hate Brady’s new look.

We asked several female fans who also said they didn’t like it. One even compared Brady’s look to that of Justin Bieber.

It seems at the end of the day most Patriot fans say he can play paddy cake with Kobe, carry a man purse and grow his hair like Kate Gosseling – as long as he throws a lot of touchdown passes.

“As long as he gets us one more, he can keep the Farah Fawcett-look going,” Firicano said.

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