Curious About Sales Tax Holiday Online, On PhoneAP

Will shoppers in Massachusetts get a break on the sales tax this weekend if they don’t actually shop in the stores?

Heather from West Yarmouth Declared her Curiosity to WBZ asking:

“Can I take advantage of the tax free holiday by ordering from L.L. Bean over the phone this weekend?”

The answer is yes.

As long as you buy on Saturday or Sunday, you won’t pay sales tax.

The same is true if you shop online at any retailer that normally charges the state tax. You’ll get the break.

images image 280164506 Curious About Sales Tax Holiday Online, On Phone Read: Is It Worth It?

The tax-free weekend will follow the same rules as previous years.

It applies to most items that cost less than $2,500, but there are exemptions and an addition.


  • Cars, Boats with motors
  • Meals
  • Gas
  • Tobacco
  • Utilities
  • Layaway Items


This year, the sales tax holiday will also apply to the sales of alcohol.

Alcohol is included because the state just implemented the tax last year.

Shoppers who are interested in finding out more about the sales tax holiday can visit the state’s Web site. There is a summary along with the complete text of the law.

Is there something that makes you curious?

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