'Curious' About Driver's License Renewal ReminderWBZ

Do you know when your driver’s license expires?

If you don’t, you could have a real problem because the Registry of Motor Vehicles has stopped sending out renewal reminders.

It’s a big topic on our curiosity web site as some people find out the hard way.

Christine from Hudson posted this comment:

“I know many people whose license has expired and they don’t even know it.”

Well, right now, it’s all up to you.

“Behind the decision was strictly dollars and cents,” says Registrar Rachel Kaprielian.

She says she had to cut costs.

The Registry expects to save up to $800,000 by not sending out renewal notices for licenses and other items.

Those savings will help keep Registry branches open and running.

Kaprielian calls the reminders “courtesy mailings.”

I asked the registrar: “You’re almost saying, we didn’t have to do it. We were doing it because we were being nice.”

Kaprielian responded: “I’m not almost saying that. I’m saying we didn’t have to do it. We do it as a matter of customer service.”

A service they can no longer afford in this economy.

And this isn’t like forgetting to pick up the milk.

If you get pulled over and you have an expired license, it’s a criminal offense.

“Everyone should remember, your license expires only once every 5 years on your birthday,” says Kaprielian.

She says there may soon be help remembering that date.

The Registry is working with a third party that can send email, text or phone messages reminding you.

You’d have to opt-in, and there’s an advertisement that would go along with it, but it would be a way to get a “heads up” that it’s time to renew your license.

Until then, you just have to check.

You may also be able to renew your license online, and avoid a trip to a Registry office.

To find out, visit: secure.rmv.state.ma.us.

For a list of other items the Registry is no longer reminding us about, visit: www.mass.gov/rmv.

And be sure to let us know what you’re curious about.

Go to wbztv.com/curious.

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