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Curious About Detecting Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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Curious About Detecting Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Lanette in Groton is Curious: Why doesn’t the most deadly form of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, get more attention on how to detect it? It is so aggressive that there is no time to wait.

Inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC, is a very aggressive form that is difficult to treat because it spreads so quickly.

It doesn’t get as much attention as other types because it only accounts for up to one percent of all cases, but all women should be aware of the warning signs.

First of all, the cancerous cells of IBC don’t often form a breast lump, so breast exams and mammograms often miss it.

Instead, the cancer cells block lymph vessels, making the breast swollen, red and warm, which may be mistaken for a breast infection.

It may also cause dimpling in the skin that resembles an orange peel.

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