'Curious' About Cell Phone Dangers At Gas Stations

Using a cell phone at the wheel could kill us, but we do it anyway. Oh, but tell us a cell phone could kill us at the gas station and we listen.

WBZ stood outside a gas station for 20 minutes and saw one person use a phone… one. Where else do you see that happen?

The signs can be seen everywhere at gas stations: “No cell phones.”

Hang up, or blow up many YouTube videos say, but according to Lorraine Carli of the National Fire Prevention Association, there is no evidence that using a cell phone at the pump is dangerous – unless you count distraction as a danger.

The gas stations are just playing it safe, Carli said. “In terms of cell phones and gas, it’s really the distraction issue.”

There is a documented danger, and it has nothing to do with cell phones. Have you ever seen someone stick a wallet or gas cap in the gas pump nozzle so they can sit in the car?

Well, when you get up, you can get some static electricity from your car seat. Then, when you touch the nozzle, you face the risk of causing an explosion.

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