William Hayes (WBZ-TV)

William Hayes (WBZ-TV)

Police think a career criminal may be responsible for a series of recent break-ins in several towns.

Homes in Concord, Bedford, Lexington, and Lincoln have been hit in the robbery spree as recently as Thursday evening.

Investigators believe 39-year-old William Hayes is responsible for most, if not all of them.

“He’s a career criminal,” said Concord Police Sgt. Jack Kennedy told WBZ-TV.

“He’s generally taking high end jewelry, laptops and prescription medication.”

Jack Casey of Concord became the latest victim Thursday.

His front door was kicked in and his lock broken. The thief took a jewelry box and money.

“I’m discouraged,” he said.

“For crying out loud, I used to leave the door open. Nobody bothers us here, you know, I’m very upset.”



Concord police said it’s too early to tell if Hayes is behind the Casey robbery.

However, they believe he did break into two other homes on Valley Road and Heaths Bridge Road earlier this week.

But he was foiled when a neighbor spotted him.

“He actually was observed exiting the house through the second floor and jumped down to the ground and fled from there,” Kennedy said.

Police want to hear from residents if they see anything suspicious. They also want home owners to lock their doors and windows.


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