Timothy Walsh (WBZ-TV)

Timothy Walsh (WBZ-TV)

A veteran Massachusetts State Police trooper has been suspended without pay after being accused of driving drunk and pointing a gun at an off-duty Boston police officer.

The state police on Wednesday suspended trooper Timothy Walsh indefinitely as recommended by a panel of three officers.

On Monday, Walsh pleaded not guilty to criminal charges stemming from the Saturday morning confrontation.

The 41-year-old Walsh is an 18-year police veteran who’s been on military leave with the Army for five years.

Walsh allegedly struck several cars on his Boston street, then pointed his gun at the officer, who lives on the street. Walsh also allegedly fired his gun into the ceiling of his home.

No one was hurt.

Walsh’s lawyer has said his alleged behavior was a “complete aberration.”

Comments (2)
  1. Vote Saxon says:

    “Walsh’s lawyer has said his alleged behavior was a “complete aberration.”,I’d say his lawyer is a complete abortion.Walsh needs help,he needs a long prison term to help navigate what he want to do his misguided life.

    1. henry Statkiewicz says:

      he obviously had something bothering him,the man is a true hero !!!!! this shold have been squashed and the man should have gotton help ,discretly.god bless out troops.

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