Injuries and the ownership’s lack of moves undeniably helped cause the Boston Red Sox’s downfall in 2010.  With the off-season rapidly approaching, Felger & Mazz discuss the front office’s unwillingness to trade their young prospects and look back on this past season.

Felger: “I’m pissed. If [Josh] Beckett wasn’t a complete waste of time, and Papelbon instead of sucking was just mediocre…We would be going into the final weekend of the year chasing the Yankees for a chance of a playoff birth– and that’s fun…When you’re close, it’s not ‘Oh my God look at all the great things they did to get to close,’ its ‘Why didn’t you do that one extra thing to go over the top?’ The more you examine this season, and what they should have done- they should have done something to fix the bullpen.”

Mazz: “This was just prolonged life support for the Red Sox. My biggest gripe this year is with the front office. I thought they went into this year with the attitude of ‘This will be a hands-off year and we’re going to protect this farm system.’ The injuries now give them the alibi that they needed, and I don’t think they were going to do anything to help this team anyway. In terms of what their major issues are, starting pitching is not one of them. They have the resources to do more. They have plenty– and they did nothing!


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