Poll: Voters split on sales tax cut

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moneygeneric3xlcbs1 Poll: Voters split on sales tax cut

A Boston Globe Poll finds a deep divison among voters on Question 3 of the November ballot, which calls for a rollback of the s state sales tax from 6.25% to 3 %.

46 % say they are in favor of the change, 43% say they are not.

WBZ asked the candidates for governor if they would follow the will of the people.

Republican Charles Baker spoke with WBZ’s Ed Walsh:

baker Poll: Voters split on sales tax cut

Charlie Baker (WBZ-AM)

Independent candidate Tm Cahill spoke with WBZ’s Deb Lawler:

cahill2 Poll: Voters split on sales tax cut

Timothy Cahill (WBZ-AM)

Sidney Asbury is a spokeswoman for Governor Patrick’s re-election campaign.  She speaks with WBZ Producer Jon MacLean:

patrick Poll: Voters split on sales tax cut

Deval Patrick (WBZ-AM)

Analyst Michael Goldman with the Government Insight Group gives his take on the issue.  He speaks with WBZ’s  Carl Stevens:

More analysis from the WBZ ‘Virtual Political Roundtable”  Democrat Mary Anne Marsh and former Republican Senatoe Brian Lees.  WBZ’s Ed Walsh monderates.

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