Brandon Meriweather: Rock Around The Big Bang Clock

brandon meriweather Brandon Meriweather: Rock Around The Big Bang Clock

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Fred was a little down in the dumps today. In an effort to cheer him up Rich mashed up some Brandon Meriweather audio and the Happy Days theme song.
Download (Right Click)

Download only the song(Right Click)

  • Mike

    Rock around the clock is not the theme song to Happy Days. The theme song to Happy Days is called Happy Days. Sunday. Monday Happy Days, Tuesday Wednesday, Happy days…..etc. Dumbass.

    • Dan

      Rock Around the Clock was the original theme song to Happy Days during the first two seasons. So they are not wrong.

      This made my Monday awesome you guys! We need more Big Bang Clock clips!

    • John

      Wrong bud – it was the theme song for the first year

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  • Jay

    Love this!!!

  • Craig

    Bill Haley and the Comets wrote and created Rock around the clock.

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  • estwest

    Hysterical!… made my commute passable.

  • Mike is an idiot.

    Mike just got owned! Dumbass.

  • Erik van der Neut

    Hi guys,

    Someone on the air suggested we turn this song into a ringtone, so I did that :-) I took the song snippet from the radio broadcast, boosted the volumen and made an iPhone ringtone out of it. You can download it from — you’ll find only one file there: — just right click on that, download it, and synch it to your iPhone through iTunes :-)


  • kelly

    Please play this every morning, it makes my day!

  • Joey Rizzo

    It is set as my ringtone to my Blackberry – it took a good 30 seconds to do and is now my ringtone for all my dumbass friends!….Thanks Rich you dah-man!

  • paul

    Is it possible to get this as a ringtone?

  • joe

    brandon meriweather a 2003 to 2006 miami hurricane goon. bill and scott should have known better . stomping on the head of an fiu player. oh and there second pick in the 2006 draft kareem brown. body slaming a fiu player in that same brawl. nice job. big bang clack, haunted house, lact like litlle kidzz. the pawty stata.

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