faulk T&R Podcast: 9/23 Hour 2

(Getty Images)

On this hour of Toucher & Rich: The latest edition of “Ask a Pink Hat,” plus Andy Hart of Patriots Weekly talks about Kevin Faulk’s injury.

Download (Right-click)

Comments (3)
  1. Ryan Eschauzier says:

    Is it just me, or does only a portion of this hour download? I’ve tried it three times, emptied my cache, etc., and it will still only download about 12 meg of the usual 49-50

    1. CBS Radio says:

      Ryan: all seems ok on our end… try using the player instead of the download link.

      1. Ryan Eschauzier says:

        Thanks, I was just thrown off by the m4a I guess. They download much quicker this way, but you can really hear the difference. Some of this day’s podcast sounds like it was on AM radio.

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