Gary LaPierreTo all who had anything to do with my being inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame…..Thank You…….Thank You….!

     It was a very special day for this seasoned veteran.   I am humbled by the honor bestowed upon me last week and I’m proud to be included in a Hall of Fame which carries the names, faces and credentials for so many extremely talented people from the world of broadcasting.    Some of those names go back to the very early days of radio and certainly back to day-one of television.

      To read the roll of inductees brings a thrill to my memory bank, which in broadcasting goes back only to 1960….a mere 50-years.     I know, some thought I went back to the days of Marconi and certainly to Reginald Fessenden. but it only seems like a hundred years.   And to look out into the audience as I was accepting this honor last week, and see the face of my first TV General Manager, Bill Swartley….looking bright, healthy and trim at age 102…was a “kick.”

     To have a huge public following as a broadcaster is exciting, but to have the recognition and blessings of your peers, as this induction has done, is a heart-warming experience I will always treasure.

     Thank You….Thank You……..and yes……Miss You.


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