stained glass Boston Archdiocese raises $1M for priests

The Boston Archdiocese has raised $1 million for its priests’ healthcare and retirement during an annual Priest Appreciation Dinner.

The total, announced Wednesday, was two-thirds more than what the archdiocese raised during the inaugural dinner last year.

Last week’s dinner was attended by about 1,500. The money benefits the Clergy Funds, which provide for the priests’ healthcare and the retirement of senior priests. The dinner also thanks priests for their service.

The archdiocese has been working to bolster its financial support of priests. It has reported that last year its funds for disabled and retired priests – which are part of the Clergy Funds – were short $104 million.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley said the strong monetary support for the priests at the dinner was “a great encouragement” during tough economic times.


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