edelman Audio:  Bert Breer Talks Kevin Faulk, Pats

(Getty Images)

Bert Breer of the Boston Globe joins Gresh & Zo to talk about what kind of a loss Kevin Faulk is for the New England Patriots.  Who might take over as 3rd down back?  Will Alge Crumpler’s role grow?  And how about Julian Edelman, is he an option?

  1. Eugene says:

    Gresh and Zo,
    I re-watched the second half of the Jets game on DVR. Today is Thursday. I listen every day, and you’ve yet to discuss the biggest reason they lost: The Offensive line was totally abused by the Jets defense. You discuss RB’s all show long, but what difference does it make who is running the ball when not only is there no hole to run through, there is no hole on either side of where the hole should be. There were just Jets Defenders, clogging everything up. Vollmer was abused, Neal was abused, Koppen was the best and he was only 50/50 (percentage of times he successfully carried out his blocking assignment, as opposed to getting tossed to the side). At some point you pay the price for spending all your $$$ and high draft picks on every position except O-Line. I just don’t understand how you two ignore this glaring weakness (the O-Line gets abused by every very good to great Defense it faces: can’t open running lanes) to instead discuss what RB to acquire. They could have had Barry Sanders running behind that line last Sunday and it wouldn’t have changed anything. And when will I finally get to see a gorilla at Right Tackle, protecting The Franchises’s blind side, instead of the puss that is matt Light (to say nothing of the two guards, both undrafted free agents).

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