firegenericxlcbs Man makes dramatic rescue

He says the real heroes are the ones fighting wars .  John Bailey,  an MBTA worker from Medford, came to the rescue when he saw a taxi drive into a ravine and catch on fire.  He tells his  story to WBZ’s Deb Lawler:

Comments (4)
  1. Jim says:

    Good Job John!!! You are one of the best Instructors on the T.

  2. Freeborn Ihegie says:

    I was the other man that helped you pulled the taxi driver out of the burning car. Good job!

  3. Otabor U Anthony says:

    Freeborn, that was really a good job done. May God bless u.
    Try and get in touch with me. I am Otabor of Uhimwento, Uhi.

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