brown425x283 Activists urge Brown to back immigrant students

A group of undocumented students is camping out in front of Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown’s Boston office.

The group will do so until he signals whether he’ll support a federal proposal to allow illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship through college or military service.A few dozen members of the Student Immigrant Movement began their protest Monday as the U.S. Senate considers the proposal.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to add the immigration measure to a defense policy bill. Some Republicans oppose it, accusing Reid of playing politics. But some military leaders support it because of the recruitment potential. Brown, a member of the Senate Armed Services committee, has not said if he supports it. Student activists say they want to introduce Brown, a member of the Army National Guard, to illegal immigrants who want to join the military.

  1. Eddie Haskell says:

    Great. All Sen Brown has to do now is notify ICE and have them arrested and deported.

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