1040231281 Audio: Felger And Mazz Talk Moss

Getty Images

Felger responds to criticism from Columnist Ron Borges regarding Randy Moss.  He decides to tone it down and release his deep and  personal thoughts regarding the disgruntled Wide Receiver.

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  1. Helena Polizzotti says:

    You talk about Moss’s timing was wrong to bring up his contract right after the Great Win! Well Damn if does and Damed if he didn’t. He just beat the media by coming out with it first. The frst question the media would of asked him would have been about his coments about the contract and it would of just kept going, and nothing would have been asked about the game. Randy just beat the media to the punch. Also I agree with what you said that there was nothing wrong in what he said. I wish the media would start reporting the news instead of being like the National Enquirer.


    Yeah New Engand made a Big Mistake trading Moss. Kraft you’re a Dope you’ll regret it. Doesn’t your Mall make you enough money that you could have paid Moss?

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