8e93fed3 c5da 4b36 b376 0fac1a21fe82 big1 Felger & Mazz On: A Grim Scene At Fenway

(AP Photo)

Felger & Mazz lamented the latest one-sided loss for the Red Sox, which essentially killed their season. The guys “thanked” Daisuke Matsuzaka for putting Red Sox Nation out of its misery and wondered how the front office must be feeling as they observe the bleak atmosphere surrounding Fenway Park.

Felger: “Thank you Dice-K, thank you for getting back to your suck-y, worthless self. And I don’t even say that sarcastically, we needed you! And you delivered…Did you see some of these home run balls? I think people were getting hurt! It’s getting grim over there. It’s as ugly as it’s been since 2004. NESN showed some shots up in the crowd…Oh my god, the empty seats! When the owners have to sit there, and actually see and feel and smell what it looks like over there when you’re out of it, it’s got to be eye-opening to them.”

Mazz: “You’re right, [Matsuzaka] delivered in terms of pulling the plug…Those boos were not about one night, they were about a full season’s worth of frustration…Did you honestly delude yourself into thinking they were going to get back in it? We’re talking about a five-game deficit like it’s doable. No it isn’t! Not with 22 games left! Their last chance died on Saturday night in Tampa Bay when [Clay] Buchholz came out and gave up a home run to B.J. Upton. That’s when their season died to me…It’s not as easy as everyone has come to believe around here. People still expect something every year, even when you’ve won a couple of championships, even when you’ve made the playoffs six out of nine seasons.”


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