Hour 1:

  • Rich talks about his fantasy football team and even calls in on the station’s fantasy football hotline.
  • Fred called in to the Felger and Massarotti show to remind them that Randy Moss can hold the Earf on his shoulders.
  • Fred was partying it up this weekend, and went to Mohegan Sun for 20 minutes to celebrate a bachelor party.
  • Male Bag- Fred’s constipation and colonoscopy, Darrell Revis signed with the Jets, Papelbon’s performance Sunday, “Machete,” Deutsche Bank and Tiger Woods and a Florida softball team.

Hour 2:

  • Floyd Mayweather talked about Manny Pacquiau on the phone and had to apologize for it.
  • A lot of Patriots talk- The roster and the team’s change in philosophy.

Hour 3:

  • Mr. Skin calls in to talk about female actresses coming to fall television who have previously appeared nude in showbiz. Among women were Julie Benz, Erin Cummings and more.
  • Adolfo is fat- Dunkin Donuts dropped off apple pies for Fred and Rich to eat before doing promos. Adolfo saw them and ate one. When Rich also caught him with the apple cider in his hand, Adolfo said he was simply getting a straw for him. Sure…But at least he’s lost weight!
  • At Vince Wilfork’s community service award presentation, Randy Moss was being antisocial avoiding crowds and putting on headphones. Is he upset with his lack of contract? And is he going to be a baby on and off the field?
  • Faster Guy- He talks about baseball, Manny Ramirez, moving day in Boston and how he wants to study math so he can be better at Sudoku.

Hour 4:

  • William Bendenson of CBS Sports called in. He talked about¬† his interview with Randy Moss. One of the questions was about Brady and Mankins, and Moss turned it around to talk about his own contract. Bendenson also discussed how the interview will go over with Belichick and Kraft.
  • Jason Turbow, author of “The Baseball Codes: Beanballs, Sign Stealing, and Bench-Clearing Brawls: The Unwritten Rules of America’s Pastime,” called in.¬† Who is the worst offender?
  • It is reported that Tom Brady is close to signing a contract. The guys discuss it.

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